Bunny Cupcake Drama… And Resolution

Anyone who’s a fan of the brand Taste of Home on Facebook, as I am, probably noticed a major uproar this week over the cover of its latest magazine issue. Apparently, the bunny cupcakes that were featured front and center were initially created by a popular blogger named Callye, who, it seems, has many loyal readers.

I guess Taste of Home took credit for creating the cupcakes themselves, either a) not realizing bunny cupcakes were, like, so 2011, or b) by “subconsciously” replicating the idea. But, what’s important is how the brand reacted to the situation.

And after some research (and/or crisis communications help)…

I applaud the way in which this situation was handled, and so do the brand’s fans. Of course, there were still some bitter people, but the majority of them were happy with the company’s response.

All companies make mistakes. Rational consumers understand this. All they expect are answers and a little remorse. They’ll get over it if they feel you’re being transparent and truthful.

March 2, 2012 · Posted by in pr, social media  


One Response to “Bunny Cupcake Drama… And Resolution”

  1. Pete on March 2nd, 2012 9:24 am

    I come across a story like this a few times a year, and it usually plays out in a similar fashion. One of the bigger issues at play here is the fact that we are all published now, and some of the “old media” folks are still figuring that out, while others have embraced it and master it.