Flying Around


Every now and then here at Z2 we need to fly to some remote location, sometimes it’s for client meetings, and sometimes it’s for a location shoot. When we flew out to Arizona we actually bought a ticket for our RED ONE rather than check it. (You tend to do that when your camera costs more than your car.)

I’m no stranger to bringing cinema lenses or a matte box as my carry-on luggage, but I still try to be really careful with what I bring. (Last month I brought a tube of toothpaste that was a little to large, and the TSA did not appreciate that!

I’m on another flight next week, so I’ll be sure to check out The TSA Blog so I know what not to bring.

It’s amazing what people try to bring on a flight! Here’s a few of the crazy ones:

  • 1000 hits of ecstasy
  • 163 marine tropical fish
  • Real gun concealed as toy gun
  • Stun gun
  • Brass knuckles
  • Spear gun
  • Throwing stars
  • Cannon balls

And no… you really can’t take a hand grenade on the plane!

Safe travels, everyone!

March 19, 2012 · Posted by in misc  


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