Ode to Cheerios

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a glorious new product at Pick ’n Save—Peanut Butter Cheerios. Previously I hadn’t been buying Cheerios because I thought the flavors were bland. But I just had to check out this new one. And let me tell you… ah-mazing. I was so happy with my new find that I’ve been eating them every day since. That was, until yesterday.

After work last night, I once again found myself scanning the cereal aisle for a box of my favorite new treat, and what do I discover? Drum roll, please… Dulce de Leche Cheerios! I could not believe my eyes. (Side note: I have a minor obsession with Dulce de Leche after last year’s trip to Puerto Rico in which I found myself eating it daily.) Needless to say, I’m in heaven.

Okay, enough discussion about breakfast cereal. What these recent findings reinforced for me is the importance of expanding upon a brand and its offerings. Yes, it is essential to stay true to your company and product, but in certain cases it is just as important to reinvent yourself from time-to-time. This will keep your current customers interested and draw potential customers back to your product. Now, what can you do to put a new spin on your brand?

March 23, 2012 · Posted by in branding, marketing  


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