Here’s a wacky example of how one company has tailored its advertising to the upcoming Presidential election. Beef jerky maker, Jack Link’s, hired an artist, Jason Mecier, to create mosaics of the two Presidential candidates entirely out of pieces of jerky. Intriguing time lapse below.

While the jerky campaign has definitely caught my attention, I’m 100% certain it will lead me to not purchase Jack Link’s. In fact, for some reason, it makes me never to want to eat jerky again. It’ll be interesting to see how other unlikely companies will tailor their advertising around the campaign.

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Trustworthy… fonts?

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OK, it’s a given that no one is going to trust Comic Sans. (At least no one who has any taste) but it’s interesting to see the results of a study on what fonts are most believable.

While at least one designer at Z2 is a fan of Hobo and Cooper* I’m still not sure those typefaces would be seen as trustworthy by most.

*I’m 73% sure the designer at Z2 who claims to be a fan of Hobo and Cooper is kidding.

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One of the things I learned in school was that you need constraints when designing something. Giving a designer complete freedom, perhaps by saying “do whatever you want” is a bad thing, and not very realistic.

You can’t just say “design something” and expect greatness to appear. Whatever you need designed will have certain specifications, such as size, colors, cost, etc. If you’re dealing with a client that can’t provide you with the details that create constraints, that should be a warning sign.

A true designer should embrace constraints, and immediately think of ways to push the very edges of the constraints, but still stay within them. Thinking outside the box is fine, but most often you’ll still need to fit everything within the box when the project is complete.

I did manage to find one article about this concept, and it’s from WIRED Magazine, which I think is fitting: Design Under Constraint: How Limits Boost Creativity

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Type is Love

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Type Rug

In the age of not only 100,000 fonts on every designer’s computer, but 100,000 free fonts (of sometimes questionable quality) available on the Internet, it’s lovely to see that some people still see lettering as an art form.

Jessica Hische is one of those people, as are the people who hire her. If you’ve ever had even a passing fancy for “type as art” take a look at some of her work.

Type Chocolate

This one stood out to me because it looks like a typical Photoshop illustration, but the lettering was actually laser-cut into 3D art and then covered in chocolate for a TV commercial. No 3D rendered CGI needed!

Moonrise Kingdom Type

She even worked with Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom, so she’s probably earned like 100 Internet points for that alone… She’s also quoted as saying “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

(For more fun from Jessica, check out another project she did,

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