Type is Love

Type Rug

In the age of not only 100,000 fonts on every designer’s computer, but 100,000 free fonts (of sometimes questionable quality) available on the Internet, it’s lovely to see that some people still see lettering as an art form.

Jessica Hische is one of those people, as are the people who hire her. If you’ve ever had even a passing fancy for “type as art” take a look at some of her work.

Type Chocolate

This one stood out to me because it looks like a typical Photoshop illustration, but the lettering was actually laser-cut into 3D art and then covered in chocolate for a TV commercial. No 3D rendered CGI needed!

Moonrise Kingdom Type

She even worked with Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom, so she’s probably earned like 100 Internet points for that alone… She’s also quoted as saying “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

(For more fun from Jessica, check out another project she did, dailydropcap.com)

August 6, 2012 · Posted by in art, design  


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