How to piss off...

You may have seen this image floating around the Internet (perhaps in your Facebook feed) from one of your designer friends…

Yeah, I saw it too, but to me, this came across as a well designed piece. I studied design, and type, and my take was that this wasn’t just haphazardly thrown together, but carefully crafted, and beyond that, it delivers the message with humor, and is effective in its purpose. I hope the designers out there recognize those things, and everything else that is going on with this piece.

But who knows? Maybe that’s the artist in me talking, and the designer is ignoring it. Still, check out some of the other work from Shahir Zag, and you’ll probably agree that this shouldn’t piss of your designers, it should inspire them.

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We recently did a video shoot (with our newly upgraded RED ONE) for Rogers Corporation, which featured a beautiful BMW 5 Series. I thought it would be fun to mount a GoPro Hero3 in the studio to capture a time lapse of the shoot, so here’s a full day of shooting compressed into about one minute.

(You can also view it on YouTube.)

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Evolution of Batman

Logos change over time… even if you’re The Batman.

See them all at Calm The Ham.

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We’ve added another great talent to our growing team! With more than 15 years of professional writing experience, Joe Lazo has joined Z2 as senior copywriter.

Before Z2, Joe was freelancing and living in Plover, Wisconsin, a small town just south of Stevens Point that is probably best known for its potato growing. During his career at both agencies and on the corporate side, he’s worked with companies like Renaissance Learning, Mercury Marine, WD-40, and the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. He attended Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and Portfolio Center in Atlanta.

Joe made the move from Plover to Pewaukee with his 10-year-old son Jonah, and their dog Chico, a Corgi/Jack Russell terrier mix and “the happiest, friendliest dog in the world.” In his free time, Joe enjoys bicycling, playing guitar, and cross-country skiing. He’s also an aspiring vegan, a self-proclaimed recovering eBay junkie, and an aficionado of finding killer deals at yard sales and thrift stores. Also, he feels no shame when admitting he still doesn’t own a smartphone.

Welcome to the team, Joe!

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This new year is going to be another big one for Z2—lots of exciting stuff on the horizon, including even more growth and some really fun projects. On that, we’re happy to announce our latest client, Delafield Tourism Council.

As Delafield’s agency of record, we’ll be helping the organization with everything from research and creative development to public relations and social media. The city of Delafield holds a very a special place in our hearts, as that’s where Z2 got its start nearly 10 years ago, so it’ll be a really fun partnership for us.

More on the new client front—we’ve also partnered with Austin Plumbing and Haselow’s Polar Express Heating & Air Conditioning to work on their branding and marketing, including web site design and development, social media, photo/video, and more. We’re looking forward to working with these two highly respected, family run local businesses. Great people over there!

We’ve also been working on a new product launch for Dean Healthcare, and have been tapped to help the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League update its brand.

Those are just a few updates from the last couple months. We’re expecting even more good news to share in the next several. Remember to check back for updates!

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