It’s been a while since I posted about making a camera mount, but since I made another one this week, I thought I should share.


Maybe you saw this photo over on our Facebook page, or maybe you saw Jason on the slopes at Grand Geneva. Either way, you may have noticed some weird camera things going on.

The first one is the Nikon D800 he’s holding, which has a GoPro camera mounted on top of it. I made that one a few months back, partly as a joke, but knowing full well it would come in useful someday.

Helmet Mount

GoPro actually sells a lot of great accessories, including some adhesive mounts that work well on helmets. Jason wasn’t sure he wanted to stick one on his helmet so we came up with another solution.

Female Mount

I’d 3D printed a few of these female mounts before, but they also expect you’ll be using some adhesive to stick them. I left the office around 6pm and told him I’d have something the next day.

Female Mount with Plate

I figured Jason might be OK with some zip ties attached to his helmet, so I spent a few minutes doing some 3D modeling and added a plate beneath the mount. I then printed it on a RepRap 3D Printer, and had a nice camera mount for him to use just a few hours after we first talked about it.

I totally guessed on the size of the plate and the placement of the holes since I didn’t have a helmet to test it with. We ended up drilling two more holes to get a good fit on his helmet, but adding more holes to the file and printing it again would be trivial.

3D Printing really is an amazing technology. You might say to yourself “Why would a branding firm need a 3D printer?” Take it from me, once you have one, you find a lot of uses for it. :)

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Introducing the newest member of the Z2 team: Public Relations & Social Media Specialist Cedar Brown!

Experienced in sales, marketing, and social media strategy and execution, Cedar will lead our social media efforts both internally and for our clients, in addition to supporting the public relations team. Active in Milwaukee’s social media community, Cedar is an emerging thought leader in the industry. Our clients will appreciate his broad knowledge of and passion for social media.

Previously working as a freelance social media specialist, Cedar has helped craft his clients’ social media strategies, create social media platforms, execute plans, and track and report the results. Before going freelance, he worked at Shopko’s corporate headquarters where he played an integral role in creating the company’s social media strategies. He’s a graduate of University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh.

Cedar just recently moved to Waukesha, previously living in Appleton, Milwaukee and Madison over the past year. In his free time, he enjoys attending local community events, sporting events and concerts, and finding new food spots. His hobbies include cooking, exercising and playing guitar (mostly air guitar). On the weekends, you might find him wearing a cowboy hat at a country music concert. If you see him out and about, be sure to say hi and welcome him to the community.

Follow Cedar on Twitter (@CedarBrown).

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I’m a big fan of the artwork that Shepard Fairey produces, and if you don’t know the name, you probably still know some of his iconic work.

I don’t think anyone would see this patch for the CASIS ARK1 mission and say “Hey! That looks like the work of Shepard Fairey!” but he is a Graphic Designer, and while an artist will often stick to one style, designers typically need to have a bit more breadth to their work.

(It probably helped that he felt honored to be creating this work, as is apparent in this video.)

CASIS Mission Patch ARK1 by Shepard Fairey from FCTN on Vimeo.

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You may have heard some rumors about an upcoming Z2 move. Well, the rumors are true!

Since we moved into our current office in 2008, we’ve grown in both number of clients and employees. If you’ve been to our office in the past year, you’ve probably noticed we’re getting extremely short on space. A larger office is a must.

Now, let’s talk about the new building. For starters, it’s in the same neighborhood as our current office, just about a mile further south and closer to the freeway. The new office will have the same look and feel as our current building, but will provide more room for offices and meeting spaces.

The new building will have a photo studio, like our current office, but we’ll be adding a sound stage, as well. Also similar to our current office, and because employee wellness has always been important to us, our new building will include a fitness center for our staff. We’ll continue to offer employees private yoga sessions in the new fitness space, and have upgraded some of our old fitness equipment.

Currently, we’re in the demo phase of construction and hope to be all moved in sometime in fall 2013.* Looking forward to hosting you all in our new space!

And, yes, we’ll be taking the famous Z2 bar with us. Many (more spacious) Cosmo Fridays in our future. Cheers!

*Disclaimer: The move will in no way affect our client work. We’ve got a great group of contractors, subs, and movers all lined up to make the process seamless.

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If you’ve ever done a shoot where someone asked if you can just pull a few stills from the video, this is for you. (It’s a long video, but does a good job of explaining shutter speed as it relates to shooting video versus shooting stills.)

It can take more time (and require lugging more equipment around) but if you want really good stills as well as a good video, doing the two things separately will create better results.

See the post Why Pulling Stills From Video is a Zero-Sum Game for more.

Shutter Speed

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