It’s Official… We’re Moving!

You may have heard some rumors about an upcoming Z2 move. Well, the rumors are true!

Since we moved into our current office in 2008, we’ve grown in both number of clients and employees. If you’ve been to our office in the past year, you’ve probably noticed we’re getting extremely short on space. A larger office is a must.

Now, let’s talk about the new building. For starters, it’s in the same neighborhood as our current office, just about a mile further south and closer to the freeway. The new office will have the same look and feel as our current building, but will provide more room for offices and meeting spaces.

The new building will have a photo studio, like our current office, but we’ll be adding a sound stage, as well. Also similar to our current office, and because employee wellness has always been important to us, our new building will include a fitness center for our staff. We’ll continue to offer employees private yoga sessions in the new fitness space, and have upgraded some of our old fitness equipment.

Currently, we’re in the demo phase of construction and hope to be all moved in sometime in fall 2013.* Looking forward to hosting you all in our new space!

And, yes, we’ll be taking the famous Z2 bar with us. Many (more spacious) Cosmo Fridays in our future. Cheers!

*Disclaimer: The move will in no way affect our client work. We’ve got a great group of contractors, subs, and movers all lined up to make the process seamless.

March 20, 2013 · Posted by in z2 news  


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