Drive-by Shooting

Photo Truck

I’ve written about portraits before, but here’s a guy who is taking his studio on the road… literally!

L.A. photographer Johnny Tergo has an elaborate mobile photo studio on his truck and inside his truck.

Photo Truck

It takes the “shooting out the window” to a new level, providing proper lighting and an impressive amount of gear.

There is one little problem…

“Some people are not so stoked to get their photo taken without consent. Tergo says there’s been a lot of yelling.”

As a photo-nerd I find the set up really interesting, and can see some interesting uses for it, but I’m not too keen on just shooting people unexpectedly in public without proper consent.

(You can check out some of the photos on his web site.)

How would you feel about someone pulling up and shooting you (with a camera) without asking permission?

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  1. Joe Haas on April 9th, 2013 11:52 am

    I would love it. I’d also like to know the legal technicalities regarding using the final photos. “Commercial gain” might be very subjective… Any expert opinions?

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