Toilet Brush

One of the things I really like about photographing products is the challenge of making an everyday object look good. Even it if is a toilet brush. :)

With everything you shoot you’ve got to think about the composition, the angle (of the lights and the camera), the lighting (direct and reflected) as well as all the technical stuff like the depth of field and the intensity of the light, etc.

Here’s a few test shots I did before the final one above. For every final image there may be a bunch of variants that just don’t turn out how you want, and often you don’t know until you shoot them.


The one on the left is nice, but it shows the packaging, not the product. The center shot is how you would normally see the brush, but again, doesn’t show the product. The one on the right shows the product more, but isn’t exactly natural, as the brush is propped up in the holder. In the end, the shot with the brush lying across the holder worked best at showing the product. Also, the shot will be cropped to a square format, so rather than being a very vertical shot, our final shot is a bit more square-format friendly.

May 16, 2013 · Posted by in photo  


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