Design Inspiration from Jessica Hische

Graphic designers are not created equal. The term itself is a generic one that includes many specialties . Most designers have a specialty, whether it’s print, web, illustration, or multiple sub-categories beyond those. Jessica Hische is well known in the design industry as a letterer, type designer and illustrator. She is someone that immediately comes to mind when I think of a graphic designer who excels in one of these categories.

This talented designer can take a letter, word or phrase and transform it into an elaborate piece of art with ease. In 2009, Hische wanted to challenge herself to stay motivated and inspired, so she created Daily Drop Cap. By creating an initial cap letter per day that individuals could employ for personal use within their own blog posts, she would later be branded as the “Drop Cap Girl.” She’s been making big strides in her work and was recently named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Art and Design. She’s grown a large variety of clients that include The New York Times, Target, Leo Burnett, Penguin Books, Tiffany & Co. and many more.

If you check out Hische’s website, you’ll find a long list of resources and compatriots that you can peruse for hours for inspiration or to help get you out of your design block. However, as Hische reiterates in her blog, you should be drawing upon several inspirations, such as people’s work, ads and more. Always look for new experiences, check out concerts of a different genre than you’re used to or even search for old designs and ads for a new perspective on your design goals. The resources are immeasurable and will ultimately help you create something that is fresh and uniquely yours.

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