Hand-Delivered Media Kits Gain Attention

Last week, our client Miller Time Pub & Grill celebrated its grand reopening with a block party, live music, food and beer. To help introduce the new brand to the media and get the word out about the event, we worked with the team at Miller Time Pub & Grill to create a unique, branded press kit.

To set us apart from the hundreds of emails media receive daily, we decided to hand-deliver each press kit to a variety of outlets–from TV and radio to magazines and newspaper. For an important announcement like the introduction of a new brand, an email just isn’t enough to break through the clutter.

The press kit contained an invite to the grand reopening event, cover letter, news release, and the restaurant’s new menu, all tucked inside a Miller Time Pub & Grill branded beer glass. We placed the glass in a clear box and filled it in with some barley (not only because it looks cool, but also because we needed something to hold the glass place). We also included a USB drive with all written contents, along with photos of the renovated space.

We think the press kit turned out pretty darn great! And the media liked them, too. We placed numerous articles as a result of them—and even secured an appearance for our client on Fox 6 WakeUp.

May 24, 2013 · Posted by in branding  


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