Top Ten Friday: Mobile Photography Apps

Mobile photography has skyrocketed in popularity since the introduction of Instagram. With the quality of smartphone cameras getting better and better, it will only continue to grow. So I decided to ask a few z2 employees what their favorite mobile photo apps might be…..and this is what they said.

AutostitchAutostitch: I’m a big fan of panoramas, and AutoStitch does an amazing job of creating them. There are options for resolution and quality (both of which will affect how fast your panorama gets stitched) – Pete

Plastic BulletPlastic Bullet: Plastic Bullet goes for the simple approach: no filters to choose from, and no sliders. It just loads an image and then shows you four different versions with light-leaks and varying colors. If you don’t like them, reload and it’ll show you four new ones. It’s dead simple, which is why I like it. – Pete

GoPro AppGoPro App: This app lets me control my GoPro Hero 3 via the WiFi built into the camera. You actually connect your phone to the GoPro so you can start and stop recording, change all the settings, and even get a live view (with a few seconds delay) of what the GoPro is seeing. – Pete

VSCO CamVSCO Cam: HUGE fan of this app. The design is impeccable and beautiful. This app helps create beautiful pictures by replicating stock film like Fuji, Polaroid and the like. Deep in features, but not overpowering nor cluttered in approach, this is always my go-to. The community around this app is amazing and is featured in a section of the app. Love it. – Jason

AfterlightAfterlight: Great for adding unique boarders and adding subtle grain or texture to my images. Giving me sliders to increase and decrease any tools is great. Often textures and tools can be too harsh. In the world of Instagram, I like more subtle adjustments most times, this app gives me that control. – Jason

SnapseedSnapseed: THE BEST APP BY FAR. Easy to use with great sharing options. Excellent effects options such as Grunge, which has up to 1500 settings to choose from, and even the tilt-shift effect. Possibly your best one-stop-shop photo app. – Cory

PicFxPicFx: Nice original effects and easy to use. Loads of great filters to choose from, plus you can easily apply how much of each filter you want. – Cory

InfinicamInfinicam: Awesome old school lens and camera effects. One cool feature is the option to get random effects added to your pictures and if you don’t like those, try again. It also offers some nice border options as well as sharing to social networks. – Cory

Pixlr ExpressPixlr Express: One of my favorite apps ever. It offers over 600 effects, including tilt-shift and AutoFix. This is one of the most versatile apps because it has some of the best effects from all other apps, but all here in one spot making it extremely useful. The effects seem endless and with the use of the Fade slider, you have control over the power of each effect. – Cedar

Camera ZOOM FXCamera ZOOM FX: My favorite photo app. One of the best parts is the option for timers and voice-activated photos so you don’t need to be holding the phone to snap a picture. This is a very simple app, but with all the best qualities you want from Stable Shot, Burst Mode and even Time Lapse. Catching up to 10 shots per second on Burst Mode is pretty cool. – Cedar

Which mobile photo apps do you love to use most?

Stay tuned for more Top Ten Friday posts coming soon!

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  1. Pete Prodoehl on June 18th, 2013 11:27 am

    It didn’t make the top ten, but I also like “100 Cameras in 1″ from Trey Ratcliff:

  2. Cedar Brown on June 18th, 2013 4:57 pm

    Thanks for the tip, Pete. Will have to check that one out as well!

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  4. Jim Winters on July 31st, 2013 12:12 pm

    You should check out the photography assignment generator! Perfect for people taking part in a photo 365 or just looking for some inspiration!

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