The Ever-Changing Face of Facebook

Facebook has made many changes this year, both for personal and business pages. Graph Search may have been the biggest change for personal accounts, which is still currently being rolled out to everyone. Brand Pages are also making changes. Earlier this year, Pages received the “Reply” option for threaded comments, which is a long-awaited feature for brands that want to reply to each individual personally. Facebook has also opened up the hashtag option for everyone, Pages included. This allows for brand’s posts to be found much easier in Facebook Graph Search.

Some other changes include a new cover photo policy. Your image cannot include price/purchase information or contact information. The words “Like” and “Share” are no longer allowed nor are calls-to-action. Previously, the images couldn’t include more than 20% text, but that is no longer a rule as of July 2, 2013. The Ads Manager has seen some changes that are meant to make it easier for marketers to run ad campaigns. Check out this breakdown for more insights on the Ads Manager changes.

Two other major updates include the ability to set comments in chronological order or by popularity on Brand Pages. This makes it easier to address top comments without having to search through the clutter. Photo comments have arrived in recent weeks and seem to be quite popular so far.  These are just a few of the changes worth mentioning. Facebook is constantly changing, albeit very quietly, so pay attention because there is always something new.

As for some of the changes we’re waiting for on Facebook, whether it’s for Pages or personal accounts, that list is endless. Some of the things I’m hoping for include:

  1. Ability to edit posts, both for fixing simple typos and for adding font/size/color changes, too.
  2. Make Lists easier to find and create. Also, allow posts to be shared with specific lists, similar to Google Plus and Circles.
  3. Edgerank to take a hike. This is a problem for brands because less than a fifth of your fans see your post, on average. It also filters your personal accounts, which means you only see a small percentage of your friend’s posts.

What kinds of things would you love to see added, removed or changed on Facebook?

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