The Future of Video

The Future of Video

Cedar asked JJ and I what we thought the future of online video would be, so here’s a few thoughts from my perspective.

I started putting videos online nearly 10 years ago, before there were easy (and free) ways to do it, and a lot has changed since then, not just in the world of video, but the online world, including the social media and mobile world. Back in 2005 I never would have imagined that you could shoot a video on your phone and have it automagically uploaded to some service that would host it for you and spread it out across multiple networks. Crazy!

So here’s the thing, and this comes from my own view, as someone who produces videos for organizations and clients. The new “short form” video we’re seeing from Vine and Instagram is a good thing. We shoot a lot of video here at z2, and what the pros know is this–editing is the key. We’ve done shoots that consume an entire day, with a full crew, multiple cameras, and hours of footage, all to distill it down to a video that’s less than 3 minutes long.

Sometimes I like to think of video editing like a marble sculpture. You start with this huge thing, and you keep taking parts of it away until it reveals itself to be beautiful.

So with Vine’s 6 seconds (or Instagram’s 15 seconds) you’re really forced to think about what you want to do, in effect “pre-editing” before you even shoot. I’ve said before that design is about working within the constraints, and I think this is another good example of that concept.

So the big question now is, will these short videos all turn into blipverts?

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