Top Ten Friday: Logos That Have Stood the Test of Time

Most brands’ logos have changed, at least a little, over their history. Many times it’s for a rebranding effort and sometimes it’s because the logo is outdated. The reasons vary, but one thing is consistent between these 10 brands, simplicity wins. Here are 10 brands that have logos that have stood the test of time.

1. General Electric

Not only is GE one of the oldest brands around, it is also one of the most innovative and digitally savvy. While it continues to grow, the logo has remained the same for more than 100 years. GE may be the most timeless brand in the world.

GE Logo

2. Ford

From the Ford Model T through 2013, Ford’s logo has stood the test of time. The brand has been thought of as American as baseball or apple pie, and with such strong roots and brand equity, why change what isn’t broken?

Ford logo

3. BMW

BMW has shown why you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken. They continue to innovate, yet keep things simple. The logo is among the most recognizable in the auto industry.

BMW logo

4. Macy’s

One of the most well known retailers in American history has kept its logo simple since the beginning. While Macy’s had used its name as the logo the entire time, the company was actually more known for the “star” within the logo—something that was reintroduced during the mid-2000s in the current logo.

Macy's logo

5. IBM

For a tech company, where change is constant, to keep the logo the same over a long period of time is impressive, which means the brand has strong value and presence. How many long-standing tech companies can say that?

IBM logo

6. Shell

What’s in a name? In this case, it’s the logo. Not all brands’ logo and name are so intertwined, but because Shell’s are, there likely won’t be much change in the logo going forward. This is why it’s remained the same since the early 1900s.

Shell logo

7. NFL

America’s most popular sport also has one of the most popular logos. There have been a few changes since the beginning, but much like the game, the logo hasn’t changed much.

NFL logo

8. Nike

The “swoosh” is among the most recognizable brand logos in the world. The only change has been the removal of the word Nike.

Nike logo

9. Little Debbie

The logo for Little Debbie, who is actually a real person and current employee, works because they used a member of the founder’s family to be the face of the brand. Much like Wendy’s, Little Debbie stuck to its roots. A real person as the face of your logo and brand can be more powerful than a simple shape or object.

Little Debbie logo

10. z2 Marketing

This year, Z2 is celebrating 10 years in business! Although much has changed for us, we remain true to our roots and prove that with our logo.

z2 Marketing logo

What other logos do you know of that have withstood the test of time without much change?

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