TV on Instagram?


TV on Instagram?

Many conversations of Instagram revolve around its newly added video feature. Is it a Vine killer? Maybe, but let us shift the talk from who wins to who creates the best content. As Pete mentioned in a blog not to long ago, the culture of video is changing. Almost daily. Digital video, YouTube, Vine and now Instagram are decreasing the audiences initial span for attention. At the face, it appears to be an evil product of these services, but there are some who are embracing the challenge. I recently came across a very intriguing story of a group of photographers and filmmakers who ditched the film festival scene, grabbed their iPhones and made something awesome. Happening almost on accident, the idea was born in a hotel room.

“I posted a few of these, and some of my Instagram friends really got a kick out of them. The next morning, we all woke up feeling the same way….what if we actually told a silly story with this? So, we ditched the film festival that day and shot 11 clips about some friends who are hanging out in Palm Springs and accidentally got warped to another galaxy…”

Be sure to check out their Instagram feed to follow along. They have big plans to take the series to four seasons with 22 episodes per season. There are 5-7 15-second clips per episode. That’s a lot of Instgramming. What is most interesting is the fact that they have to use all practical effects. The nature of the medium doesn’t allow for fancy post production visual effects. Even down to the editing. It’s a joy to watch knowing the hard work that went into the production. Especially the photo shoot for the TV poster.

It is really inspiring to see others embrace limitations as a way to tell a solid story rather than be squashed by those limitations. Story always wins. No matter the medium, Instagram is an exciting platform and it is great to see others using that platform to create art and tell a story. Stretching their creative limbs to new grounds and brining something interesting to the table.

Check out the interview with Dave Hill, the creator of Desert Friends over on


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