Top Ten Friday: Make Your Blog Post Shine

Just about anyone can write a blog post. But sometimes just words and an image are not enough to get your point across. Once in awhile you need to change it up–go one step further than just writing. But what should you add? Whether it’s for your personal blog or company blog, here are 10 ideas to help make your posts shine.

10. Infographics

Sites like allow you to create and customize infographics to share. They even allow you to work with other designers on the site to create types of data visualizations you may not be able to do yourself.

9. Word clouds

Wordle is one of the most popular sites for creating word clouds. You can design it in certain shapes and emphasize words being said about a certain subject to help readers understand what’s being mentioned most often about that subject.

8. Facebook posts

Recently, Facebook added the option for users to embed their Facebook posts onto their sites or blogs. At the moment, only a few large publications are able to do so, but the option will soon roll out to all users. Once embedded, readers will be able to interact with the post as if they’re on Facebook. It may also help increase followers or Likes for your account or Page.

7. Instagram videos and photos

Shortly after Instagram introduced video to their platform, it rolled out the option to embed both photos and videos to sites or blogs. The social media world is becoming increasingly visual and adding your Instagram videos or photos to blog posts can help spice things up a bit.

6. allows you to curate and crowdsource lists. By writing a blog post and embedding an interactive list, you can have people adding topics to help build whatever list you’re trying to generate.

5. Slideshare

When giving presentations, many people put their content into a Slideshare. When people create how-to’s or tutorials, they may use Slideshare as well. If you haven’t already, you can write a blog post about such topics and embed your Slideshare presentations to give people the chance to see what you’ve made.

4. Pinterest Boards

Embedding Pinterest profiles, pins or boards is a great way to promote your own Pinterest content, in addition to helping make your blog post shine just a little more. If you’re writing about a subject you’re very passionate about, and also have a Pinterest board dedicated to that same subject, it could be a great idea to embed that board into your post.

3. Google Plus Hangouts

Whether you’re doing a Hangout On Air for a client, your own company or for personal reasons, sharing those Hangouts can prove quite valuable. Although Hangouts On Air are automatically uploaded to your YouTube page, they are not always easily found. If the Hangout has great content, writing a post about it may be worth doing. Embedding the Hangout for others to see will increase the reach that much more.

2. Vine videos

Like Instagram videos, you have the option to embed a Vine video into your blog post. The difference between the two is that Vine videos will continue to loop whereas Instagram videos need to be started with a click. Get creative and add a fun looping video that ties in perfectly with the post.

1. Storify

Storify is a great tool that allows users to curate posts from a variety of social networks to help tell a story based on a certain subject. You can pull tweets or posts revolving around a specific hashtag or news story and put it into chronological order to tell a story. It’s great for conferences, social media campaigns or major events. Embedding this into a blog post is very simple and powerful for the story you’re trying to write.

What types of things do you like to add to your blog posts that give them that extra pizzazz?

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