Do we need more Megapixels?


36 Megapixels is good, but 48 Megapixels is better… of course 75 Megapixels would be even better, right?

The “Megapixels Race” as it’s been dubbed, is all about camera manufacturers releasing new cameras with higher Megapixels than their competitors (and their own previous models) but we’re doing pretty good with Megapixels nowadays. A Nikon D3x shoots at 24 Megapixels, and a Nikon D800 shoots at 36 Megapixels, and for most of our still photography needs, those are great numbers.

A recent survey showed that more Megapixels was one of the least requested features by users. ‘Better Low Light Performance’ was over 60% and ‘More Megapixels’ was under 2%.

For my own wish list, better low light performance is definitely up there, as well as improved dynamic range, and if I wanted to go crazy, I’d suggest an open system which allowed apps to run on DSLR cameras, like you can run on your phone.

Speaking of phones, the Megapixel Race happens there as well, which seems even more silly, since you’re dealing with a tiny lens and tiny sensor. Phones have definitely gotten better at creating quality images, but here as well I’m not convinced the primary focus should be more Megapixels.

In all cases, more Megapixels also means more storage and processing, larger cards, more hard drive space, more data moving across the wires (or wirelessly) and those are points to consider as well.

So… how many Megapixels are enough?

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