Top Ten Friday: Signs You Work At z2

There are a lot of things that make z2 stand out from the crowd–some of which you may not have known about… until now! Here’s a list of things that make us slightly unique.

10. You work in socks or slippers all day

Shoes? Who needs shoes? It’s much more comfortable to walk around in your socks or slippers. More relaxing, too.

9. You have vintage items laying around

Macintosh Plus

Whether it’s a 1980s Mac, a VCR or floppy disks, you’ll get quite a feel of nostalgia walking around our office.

8. You rarely hear the same song twice

With more than 18 days of music on our in-house radio station, hearing the same song twice in a month is rare. Unless it’s “Make The Logo Bigger!”

7. You’re the first to sign the “Hall of Fame” plaque


Everyone who walks through our doors must sign the wall. Each year, a new one is put up. It’s a nice representation of how far we’ve come and all the people who’ve been there for the journey.

6. You work with fish

fish tank

We have three fish tanks throughout the building. It’s rare if you don’t pass them at least a few times per day.

5. You see guitars everywhere


We have a lot of guitars as well as people who like to strum the stress away. Our very own Cory Zimmermann even has his own band!

4. You’ve done yoga in the commons

Once a week, z2 hosts a yoga class for its employees. We also have a hula-hoop class every Thursday. While we work hard, we also like to have fun and let loose once in awhile.

3. You know how to make coffee the “Cory way”


There’s only one way to beat that coffee machine… and that’s the Cory way. The process is too long to explain, but let’s just say if you’re not certified to make it, Starbucks is the next best bet.

2. You’ve used the photo studio, recording studio or the sound stage

We do a lot of filming and recording here and often use employees to test things out. Basically, it’s free acting classes for us.

1. You end each week with Cosmo Friday

Cosmo Friday

Cosmo Friday at the bar is one of our favorite activities. (You can even check in on Foursquare!) Every Friday, as we begin to shut down at the end of the day, we mingle and relax with a Blue Moon (Cory’s beer of choice) or two. It’s a great way to connect with teammates.

Those are just a few of the fun things that make us unique. We hope you enjoyed the trip through our office! What makes your office unlike any other?

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