A Look Back: 2005

z2 at night

2004 was great, but time marches on, and z2 marched into 2005 with a new space. Well, two actually!

The first z2 office was in a basement in Delafield, but by 2005 we moved just down the street to an office on the second floor of Milwaukee Street. The new office was 2,500 square feet, which seemed totally huge at the time, but somehow we also managed to add another 1,100 square feet across the hall for a photo studio. (We started doing a lot more photography in 2005, and really needed the dedicated space.)

If you’re keeping track at home, we went from “not many” square feet to a total of 3,600 square feet.

z2 in Delafield

We also added more people, bringing the number of full-time employees to four. (We’re counting Cory and Deb in that total, as well.) Just one year into it, z2 had a new office, more staff, and was ready for some big projects… and the big projects came, and they were good.

Since it was 2005, that also meant we were using screaming fast PowerMac G5 computers running QuarkXPress version 6. We even had a black and white laser printer. It was pretty wild!

z2 Signs

We also added our second metal sign. If you’ve been to our office, you’ve seen the sign, and (hopefully) signed the sign. The sign is our guestbook, and for each year of business we build a new sign and ask all visitors to sign it. Two signs… and more to come.

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