A Look Back: 2007

z2 Drinks

The year 2007 did not involve moving to a new office (whew!), but it did involve just a bit more growth, moving up to seven full-time employees, three of whom were designers. An expanding design department was a much welcomed feature. In addition to design, we also started doing a lot more web sites, thanks to our expanding web capabilities.

Z2 also started working with The Marcus Corporation. Our first project was a re-branding of some of the services offered at The Pfister Hotel, and things grew from there. (And we’re quite proud to still be a partner and provide them with services for a large number of properties in the Marcus Hotels & Resorts portfolio.)

Now, for the drinks. Our annual “Club Z2″ event (which serves as a thanks/party for our clients, vendors, staff, partners, and friends) kept getting bigger each year, and we decided to offer some signature drinks, including “Zeer,” “Zoda,” and our famous “Z-tini.” The Zeer and Zoda have been retired, but there’s a good chance you can get a Z-tini by visiting us for a Cosmo Friday or the next Club Z2.

And then there was the Z2 Gear. If you attended any of the early Club Z2 events, you probably left with a t-shirt. Since we printed the shirts right in our own office, we came up with the “Z2 Gear” brand to put them under. Here’s the photo that promoted the brand.

z2 Gear

That covers the first four years–it’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway there! We’ve already covered 2006, 2005 and 2004. Next week we’ll dive into 2008. Now that was an interesting year!

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