For the next 10 weeks we’ll be doing a countdown to the celebration of z2′s 10th year. Each week we’ll look back and examine milestones for ourselves, and the industry, and there might just be a few surprises along the way, as well.

2004 Logos

z2 started in at the tail end of 2003 when Cory Zimmermann and Deb Zindler teamed up to create a new agency. They knew they didn’t want z2 to just be a clone of every agency they’d both worked at through the years, so by design z2 was meant to be a “no bullshit” agency. They were going to be real and genuine with their clients, and actually go beyond thinking of clients as just ‘clients’ and treat them as ‘partners’ in the management of their brand.

2004 Business Cards

Above you’ll see some of the early identity concepts for z2, including logos and business cards.

2004 Floor Plan

And here’s the floor plan of the original office located in a basement in Delafield. 725 square feet seemed like a lot back then!

While z2 started in late 2003 with just Cory and Deb, by 2004 we’d grown to four employees. You’ll see this growth as a theme throughout the next 10 years… Check back next week for a look at 2005.

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