A Look Back: 2008

2008 Office

The first four years of Z2 posed a few challenges, but nothing was quite as overwhelming as the move. Oh sure, we did move in 2005, but that was a pretty small affair, right down the street. 2008 marked Z2 leaving Delafield and heading to Pewaukee.


The new office was completely remodeled (mostly by us) and we did it all in about six weeks, mainly between the hours of 5 pm and midnight. There was 8,300 square feet to deal with. A little more than half of the new space was office, but the back was an amazing new (and huge!) photo studio, which allowed us to bring in large items like generators and even cars. Yes, we could easily drive cars into the studio, as well as lighting trucks for the more frequent video shoots we were doing.

The new office also provided a nice spot for a bar. Everyone has a bar at work, right?

The Bar

The move was definitely the biggest event in 2008, and we vowed to never move again…. well, we lied. That’s right. We’re moving. Again. Right now. It’s another “just down the street” move, but it’s still a lot of work, and a significant upgrade for Z2. Starting Monday, October 7th, 2013, we will have a new address!

We’ll have another post with details of the move coming soon!

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