A Look Back: 2012

z2 X Office

2012 marks the first half of a rather large event at Z2, and if you remember the move of 2005, or the move of 2008, or maybe more appropriately, the “looking” at moving in 2006, it should be no surprise that 2012 was all about finding the next (and final!) location for z2.

We started 2012 with 13 employees, and by the end of the year, that number was up to 15. The numbers forced us to double up (and even triple up) in some offices. What was spacious in 2008 was downright crowded in 2012. We even started putting desks into our Living Room. So, in 2012, the search for a new location was a priority, and by November, we’d secured a new office. The only thing left to do was demolish it, and design it, and build an entirely new space. Luckily, it only took 11 months!

The Pfister Hotel

Besides all the fun of creating a new office, we also did a lot of video work in 2012, including some national TV commercial work, a Putzmeister holiday video (which won two Telly awards), and filming an insane amount of footage (and then edited said footage) for a documentary film about The Pfister Hotel.

We did a lot of shooting with our RED ONE, but we also used five different DSLR cameras to capture various footage for the doc. Auditing and editing was a huge undertaking, but the final product turned out amazing. It was shown at a private event in December 2012, and there has been discussions about bringing it to the national stage in the near future.

With 2004 through 2012 covered, that leaves just the present year, 2013 to deal with… and 2013 isn’t over yet, so we may still have a few surprises up our collective sleeves…

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