Apple - 1984 (Big Brother)

It’s been 30 years since 1984, and I’m not just referring to the year 1984, but the famous television commercial for Apple’s introduction of the Macintosh titled “1984″ that was shown during the Super Bowl, to an audience that wasn’t quite sure what they were seeing.

Here’s a few notes on the ad courtesy of Wikipedia:

Originally a subject of contention within Apple, it has nevertheless consistently been lauded as a classic, winning critical acclaim over time. It is now considered a watershed event and a masterpiece in advertising, and is widely regarded as one of the most memorable and successful American television commercials of all time.

I was an Apple user at the time, and seeing the commercial was an amazing experience. Computer users were eagerly awaiting a machine that could do what the Macintosh could do, and 30 years later, when I look at all of the work I’ve created in part due to Apple, I’m thankful for what Steve Jobs and the Macintosh team did.

Take the computer out of it, and it’s still an insanely great television commercial, and to this day, remains unrivaled in the category of “clients taking a huge risk”.

Need more Macintosh? Here’s Steve Jobs introducing it.

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Welcome to 2014! Sure, we’re a little late, but we’ve had the pedal to the metal, as January has been a busy month! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with us…


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A lovely view

It’s been COLD in Wisconsin, but we still get a lovely view from our office…


Cory’s got a new friend! Say hello to Ozzie (the new z2 pup) on his first office visit…


And we’ve been busy lately with a lot of video this month, including a few large-scale shoots for our friends at Generac Power Systems.

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