Z2 Talks Super Bowl Commercials on The Morning Blend

Cory on The Morning Blend

It seems this year’s Super Bowl TV commercials were on par with the football game itself: fairly boring. While there were a few bright spots, the majority of the ads were mediocre.

Our own Cory Zimmermann appeared on TMJ4’s The Morning Blend this morning to discuss the best and worst commercials from yesterday’s big game. Watch a clip from the show below.

Morning Blend Video

Some of the favorites from the rest of the Z2 team include the Maserati, Budweiser, Chevy, and Radio Shack spots. We also appreciated Esurance’s post-Super Bowl commercial. Not only was it perfectly on brand, but it also kicked up some serious social media buzz.

There was a lot of conversation in the office about how social media has influenced ads. Many of us were torn on the idea of releasing Super Bowl spots prior to the big game. While we understand the idea of building buzz and trying to break through the advertising clutter, the ads lose some of their appeal if they aren’t debuted during the actual game. Given social media’s rapidly evolving influence on advertising, it should be interesting to see what next year’s ads will look like.

What were your favorite/least favorite ads this year?

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  1. joe on February 3rd, 2014 2:55 pm

    What, no mention of the Newcastle Brown Ale campaign? Loved the way they lampooned the extravagance of Super Bowl commercials. Even though they only “aired” on social media, I think they upstaged all the spots that actually ran. Also thought it was brilliant to extend the campaign to include focus group scenes, although maybe that’s the kind of stuff only ad people find funny.

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