The value of a photograph


According to Forbes Magazine, This Photographer Just Made $15K In One Day On Instagram, which is amazing, right? I’m sure it makes you wonder how you can do it too!

I’ve really only got one issues with the headline, and that’s the “In One Day” part. Suggesting Daniel Arnold made $15,000 “in one days” does not account for the fact that he spends most days walking around New York taking photos with an iPhone and 35mm camera, sometimes up to 8 hours per day. He’s also been shooting for years, so there’s a lot of experience behind his work.

In photography, like any other creative art, there are different levels, and you may wonder why one photographer can charge $1000 per day while another can charge $500 per day, and it usually comes down to experience and knowledge. Which will often translate to “getting some photos” and “getting iconic images that define your brand”, at least in the agency world.

Daniel also has over 28,000 followers on Instagram (scratch that, it’s over 43,000 now.) He’s also been called “the best photographer on Instagram” and has been on the site since August of 2011. All of this adds up to “experience” you just can’t get in a single day.

So keep posting your photos…. maybe you’ll make $15,000 doing it, but most likely, it’ll take more than one day.

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