Crank up the ISO!

Nikon ISO Test

Back in August of 2013 we talked about the Megapixel Race, and at the time ‘Better Low Light Performance’ was mentioned as a feature many users requested, and it looks like we’re getting there.

Check out this Nikon Rumors post with some high ISO comparisons. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the “409,600 ISO” mentioned. It seems like just five years ago (was it that long ago?) when the Nikon D3x could go to 6400 ISO. This puts the Nikon D4s having an ISO 64 times as high as the D3x!

Now, these numbers are the high settings, and you really won’t get quality shots at such high ISO, but if you do need to shoot a “black cat in a coal mine at night” at least you can.

Maybe the “Megapixel Race” is over and now the “ISO Race” is in full swing.

March 25, 2014 · Posted by in photo  


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