Retreat. Redefine. Reboot.


The z2 Team took a little break last week to get out of the office and spend some time together at Grand Geneva for our annual retreat, which provided us with some time to redefine who we are, and reboot some of our processes.


Since we have a number of new people, Cory and Deb started off with an overview of z2; how we got to where we are today, with a nice history lesson thrown in. (And yes, we did get potty breaks.)


Don’t worry, there were no trust falls at this retreat! Instead we were treated to a variety of communication exercises, let by two amazing improv performers from Second City. (Yeah, we were all a little confused at first.)


It’s safe to say things got a bit crazy, but we managed to learn a lot while have a good time. There were exercises that involved anywhere from two people to six, to the entire staff, and everyone got in on the laughs.

Photo Op

We got a bit of free time before an amazing dinner, and while some chose to hang by the pool, others sat quietly under a tree and read a book, or grabbed a quick nap. The weather was amazing, so what better way to cap off a day of excitement than with a campfire…


There were S’mores, wine, Cards Against Humanity, some bean bag tossing, lots of talking, and then drinks and more drinks.

While the normal work week can be a bit stressful at times, it was refreshing to be able to kick back with everyone, take a break, and remember that we all share the same goal: creating kick-ass work we can be proud of. It’s safe to say everyone left the retreat feeling inspired.

(Want more photos? Check out the full album on Facebook.)

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