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Here at z2, we have a lot to be thankful for, including each other! We asked the team to share what they’re each thankful for this year. Take a look.

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JJ, video producer: “I am thankful, first and foremost, for my family. They are my best friends and are my biggest fans. I am truly blessed by each and every one of them.”


Karyn, senior art director: “This year I am thankful that my children have challenged themselves and are able to pursue their dreams. And I am thankful for good health for all my family and friends.”


Jeanne, account executive: “I am thankful for my daughter who reminds me daily with her dimpled smile that even in life’s rough patches, I lead a charmed life! And of course, working for a company that genuinely treats you like family. That’s a rare trait to find.”


Deb, principal/creative director: “This year, more than ever, I am thankful for my family. And I am thankful for z2, a team of incredible talents who are passionate about what they do and support each other like family.”


Jonathan, art director: “I am thankful that my parents are back in the same country as me again and that we will be able to share the holidays as a family including my dog, Ian.”


Dominic, video producer: “I am thankful for the new opportunities and experiences I have been given throughout the year, and the inspiring people I have met along the way.”


April, pr director: “I’m thankful for the good health of my beautiful baby girl and the joy she brings to my life each and every day. I’m thankful to have moved into a new home and community that are perfect for raising my family. I’m thankful for the support and love I receive from my friends and family, including my z2 family.”


Jen, office manager: “There’s so much I’m thankful for that it’s difficult to put in so few words – God, family and friends, health and happiness, my hardworking husband, my sweet son, a flexible workplace that understands and respects the work/family balance. I’m blessed for sure.”


Amanda, pr & social media specialist: “I am thankful for my loving family and friends who have always supported me in everything I do. I’m thankful for my amazing fiancé and the exciting journey we are about to embark upon. And I’m thankful for my wonderful new z2 family!”


Julie, senior account executive: “This year I’m thankful for a healthy and happy family and to be part of the amazing extended family here at z2.”


Heidi, art director: “During this time of year I realize there are so many things in my life to be thankful for. I feel so blessed to have my health, my family and friends and all the laughter that comes with them, my dog, sun, vacations and at the end of the week I am ever so grateful for a good cocktail.”


Ashley, graphic designer: “I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve been able to partake in throughout the year—the good, and the bad. Everything has helped me to grow as an individual, and help me truly appreciate every moment and every person who’s part of my life.”


Scott, copywriter: “I am thankful for laughter, and the people I get to share it with.”


Cory, principal/creative director: “I’m thankful for the people around me. For one person is only the strength of one, and with great people surrounding you makes for the strength of many.”


Beth, vp of client services: “I am truly thankful that I have a warm house and a loving family to go home to every night. I’m also thankful that when I totaled my van a month ago, both my daughter and I were kept safe and walked away without an injury.”


Jason, graphic designer: “I am thankful for cute little fluffy puppies.”


Kristina, account executive: I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by family and friends; we always have some where to be or something fun planned, even if it’s just watching the game at a friend’s. What’s even better is that we have people close to us that are welcoming and open their arms to extra invites too.”


From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!





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