KLM Royal Dutch Airlines created a new social media campaign, called “KLM Live Reply,” that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

The airline committed to answering every tweet it receives within the hour, round-the-clock, in a special “live” way. The company is responding with messages from people holding up letters to form sentences.

The airline explains the campaign this way:

“To show the world KLM’s helpful social media service, we’ve replaced normal Facebook and Twitter typed responses with a living alphabet made up of 140 KLM employees. This dedicated crew responds to tweets and posts in a unique way, by running around and assembling the answer live before your eyes, within the hour.”

The crew is videotaping live from Amesterdam Schiphol Airport and more responses can be found on KLM’s YouTube channel. What do you think? Do you like this form of instant messaging and company contact?

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If PR is important to your client, make sure they’re on LinkedIn. That’s because a new survey from Arketi Group, says 92 percent of journalists have a LinkedIn account and use it to find sources for stories.

That number shows an increase from 85 percent in 2009. The study says those numbers are up because LinkedIn is an easy way for reporters to find people they’d like to interview.

“It comes as no surprise more B-to-B journalists are participating in social media sites, especially LinkedIn,” Mike Neumeier, principal of Arketi Group, says, “LinkedIn provides an online outlet for them to connect with industry sources, find story leads and build their professional networks.”

While LinkedIn appears to be the most popular social media site for journalist, they’re using other networks too. The survey reports 85 percent are on Facebook and 84 percent use Twitter.

If you want to secure more media coverage for your client, make sure they’re being more social.

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I know birds do it, frogs do it, but I know I’d never able to eat a bug. The European Commission, hopes to change those squeamish views, and is putting some massive money where their mouth is.

The EC is offering a $4.32 million dollar prize to whoever creates a buzz around bugs by making them a popular food choice. The group says cattle and other large animals will be hard-to-find protein sources for people in a few years. The EC also says insect meat is healthier than pork or beef because it’s higher in calcium, and lower in fat.

In some cultures, insects have long been a staple on the menu. However, I think turning grasshoppers into a tasty snack will be hard for many to swallow, no matter how much chocolate you dip the bug in. Would it fly with you?

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Smart Way to Shop?

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While shopping at a new grocery store in South Korea, you don’t need a cart, but instead your smart phone. Homeplus Smart Virtual Store, located in a subway station in southern Seoul, is the world’s first virtual grocery store.

Homeplus says it’s making the change in response to changing consumer habits and the market’s surge in smartphone use. Shoppers in the virtual store scan barcodes on the items with the Homeplus app. There are 500 different products like milk, cheese and laundry detergent to choose from. Once your selections are made, the information is sent to the company who then delivers the items to your home later that day.

Homeplus says, so far, their virtual store has been a success, stating 650,000 people downloaded their special shopping app. Is this something you’d like to have in the United States, or do you prefer the real store experience?

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Ride The Wave

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The Milwaukee Wave has accomplished some amazing feats both on and off the field. Last year, the indoor soccer team netted more than $40,000 for area charities through a custom jersey program.

During the 2010-2011 season, the team played their entire season without home jerseys. Instead, they created eleven custom jerseys promoting charities like Boys & Girls Clubs and Make-A-Wish Foundation. The special shirts were worn during the games, and after, were signed by the players. At the end of the season, the team auctioned them off as part their Charitable Jersey Program with the money raised going to the different charities.

If you’d like to learn more about this great idea, you can. The American Marketing Association – Milwaukee Chapter hosts be hosting the Wave at their meeting on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at the Italian Conference Center in Milwaukee.

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