How do you rebrand an iconic destination loved by locals and out-of-towners alike, without sacrificing its original charm?


When our client, The Marcus Corp., purchased the legendary Milwaukee landmark the SafeHouse last year, we were assigned this epic mission. The previous owner of the spy-themed restaurant and bar opened it nearly 50 years ago and had made minimal changes to its initial brand since.


While the one-of-a-kind restaurant concept didn’t change, the brand needed a significant refresh. This led to one of our most fun projects to date (and, of course, several spy-themed agency pun-offs).


From the restaurant’s logo, menus, and photography, to t-shirt designs, glassware, and even programming/event ideas, we touched almost every aspect of the SafeHouse’s new brand.



Previous Logo

Previous Logo

Updated logo

Updated Logo

new menu 1

New Menu

new menu 2

New Menu

new t-shirt design 2

New T-Shirt Design

new t-shirt desgin 1

New T-Shirt Design

print ad

Print Ad

Stop by the SafeHouse to check out the changes, including exciting new specials and events and an awesome new menu. Just make sure you know the secret password!


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Two campaigns are hoping to make waves this year in celebration of 50 years in business: Doritos and Peet’s Coffee. Doritos takes on another crowdsourced concept and Peet’s focuses on bold creative and vivid imagery.

Taking a page out of their own book, Doritos is inviting fans to get involved. They are hoping fans will break at least 50 world records, all of which must involve Doritos, such as building the tallest house of cards using Doritos chips. Keeping with their Super Bowl tradition, Doritos launched the campaign the same day as the big game. They hoisted 22 chip lovers 14 stories into the air and achieved the “Tallest Suspended Football Party” (i.e. tailgate). The company will also create new records for consumers to break. Here’s to some great record breaking flop videos – because watching someone get hit in the face or falling trying some strange stunt is fun for everyone.


Taking a more serious angle, Peet’s Coffee hits home with truth and eye-catching design. Utilizing the newer cinemagraph* technique, short videos and some outdoor creative, Peet’s bright designs on dark backgrounds are attention grabbing.

And the tagline makes the campaign even stronger, “coffee first, everything else second.” It plays upon the popular saying, “coffee first”, evoking that feeling when you get your first cup of coffee in the morning combined with beautiful images that reflect the brand’s true commitment to coffee.


In addition to the beautiful imagery and strong tagline, Peet’s is launching the hashtag #NoFooling on social media. The campaign will be centered around April Fools’ Day (the brand’s actual 50th anniversary) and star Peet’s employees on polygraphs. Peet’s strong commitment to honesty and coffee is their driving force.

Now, go make a hilarious viral video trying to catch a Doritos chip in your mouth. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, just grab a cup of Peet’s Coffee – it’s hand-roasted for Pete’s sake!

*Guilty plug: z2 uses this video approach for clients. Ask about it today!








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Are you in need of a photo assignment? How about matching every Pantone color to things in the real world.

Photographer Paul Octavious started The Pantone Project, to do just that. Check out some of what he’s done so far at PetaPixel.

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Treaty of Colours

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Traité des couleurs

The book Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau, written in 1692, is considered by some to be the precursor to the Pantone Color Guide.

The story of this book is interesting, and while you probably won’t be able to order a copy from Amazon, you can still check out hires scans of the book.

Of course today we have things like Adobe Kuler. Hey, it’s never been a better time to be a fan of colors! (Or color picking systems!)

Adobe Kuler

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Honest Slogans

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Via Graphic Designer clifwith1f comes this gallery of logos with honest slogans.

Here’s a few favorites:







Check them all out!

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