We recently filmed a music video for Shealeigh. Her song “Be Kind” addresses the issue of bullying, and encourages kids to stand up to bullies. We filmed it at The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, and I can’t confirm this, but we may be the first film crew to fly a drone inside the theater!

“Be Kind” appears on This Time Tomorrow, a compilation of songs from various artists supporting the This Time Tomorrow Foundation. (You can get it from Amazon.)

Shealeigh was great to work with, and it was awesome to see so many of her fans come out to support her and appear in the video. We’re hoping to have the editing done and maybe even throw a little premier party sometime in the beginning of December.

You can check out more photos on Facebook.

The Riverside Theater

Shealeigh an Cory

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Design your own custom guitar

I’ve worked with a lot of designers over the years, and one thing that seems common among them is that many of them play guitar. Another thing I’ve learned about designers is that sometimes they really like to design things—even things you don’t typically get a chance to design—so when I saw the Guitar Configurator that Moniker Guitars has, I couldn’t help but design a guitar.

There’s just a small library of graphics and a few different fonts to choose from in the configurator, but there is a note about being able to send them custom images for a mock-up. It would be nice to be able to just upload your own images, but maybe that’s a feature for the future.

Club Z2 Guitar

Not bad for a quick first attempt. If you come across a web site that lets you configure a drum set, let me know, as we’ve got at least two drummers here at Z2 who might be interested. In the meantime, check out Moniker Guitars and try your hand at designing a guitar.

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As one of the newest members of the z2 team, I found myself, as most new employees do, in the not-so-unique situation of deciding what personal information to share with my co-workers in order to gain their trust. Generally, I am a “keep to myself” guy when it comes to discussing my life outside of the workplace. I am very cautious when talking about my personal life as disclosing the wrong information can have long term effects on your level of acceptance in the social circles in the office.

Case in point. A few years ago, we were lunching with a new employee. For some reason, the table conversation turned to the “paste eater” kids we remembered from grade school. I can assure you, not a single kid was remembered kindly. In fact, unforgiving ridicule would be an understatement. After we shared a few stories, the new guy, by his own volition, jumped in with

“C’mon. Who didn’t eat paste growing up? I ate paste and crayons until I was in 5th grade. You mean to tell me none of you like the taste of crayons? You’re lying.”

SFX: Pin drop

There is a fine line between self-disclosure and self-embarrassment, and sometimes we don’t know exactly where that line is, but there is only one way to find out. Throw it out there and see what happens. As I said, being the new guy myself, I feel I am obligated to share something intimately personal and potentially embarrassing. Here it is—my first Rick-umentary. Click and enjoy.

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