Nikon ISO Test

Back in August of 2013 we talked about the Megapixel Race, and at the time ‘Better Low Light Performance’ was mentioned as a feature many users requested, and it looks like we’re getting there.

Check out this Nikon Rumors post with some high ISO comparisons. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the “409,600 ISO” mentioned. It seems like just five years ago (was it that long ago?) when the Nikon D3x could go to 6400 ISO. This puts the Nikon D4s having an ISO 64 times as high as the D3x!

Now, these numbers are the high settings, and you really won’t get quality shots at such high ISO, but if you do need to shoot a “black cat in a coal mine at night” at least you can.

Maybe the “Megapixel Race” is over and now the “ISO Race” is in full swing.

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According to Forbes Magazine, This Photographer Just Made $15K In One Day On Instagram, which is amazing, right? I’m sure it makes you wonder how you can do it too!

I’ve really only got one issues with the headline, and that’s the “In One Day” part. Suggesting Daniel Arnold made $15,000 “in one days” does not account for the fact that he spends most days walking around New York taking photos with an iPhone and 35mm camera, sometimes up to 8 hours per day. He’s also been shooting for years, so there’s a lot of experience behind his work.

In photography, like any other creative art, there are different levels, and you may wonder why one photographer can charge $1000 per day while another can charge $500 per day, and it usually comes down to experience and knowledge. Which will often translate to “getting some photos” and “getting iconic images that define your brand”, at least in the agency world.

Daniel also has over 28,000 followers on Instagram (scratch that, it’s over 43,000 now.) He’s also been called “the best photographer on Instagram” and has been on the site since August of 2011. All of this adds up to “experience” you just can’t get in a single day.

So keep posting your photos…. maybe you’ll make $15,000 doing it, but most likely, it’ll take more than one day.

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Mashable has a great new post titled How to Pitch Yourself as an Expert to the Media.

The post itself is fine, but did you see that photo? ;)

The picture was taken in the Conference Room of our old office (yes, we moved!) The photo wasn’t very planned, I was at the office late one night doing some system admin stuff and had a bit of spare time, so I set up the camera and took a few shots. If you do an image search for “expert” on Google, most of the images aren’t very good. Mine is, pretty good, I think.

(Also, it’s not the first time Mashable has used one of my photos.)

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While 2005 brought a few awards to z2 for our client work, 2006 blessed us with Telly Awards, Summit Awards, and our first Clarion Award from The Association for Women in Communications. (While we love getting recognized for our work, no reward is greater than doing amazing work for our clients, and 10 years later we continue to pursue that goal.)


We also grew to six full-time employees in 2006, so the “new” office we moved into the previous year was starting to feel just a little crowded. We may have started looking at a few other options to expand, including moving into a new building. (And yes, an old theater may have been one of the buildings we looked at. Perhaps fitting, as we were doing more video work in 2006.)


This was also the year in which we started working with Generac Power Systems, mainly doing photography, but expanding to other disciplines throughout the years. From commercial standby generators to consumer power washers, it’s been a pleasure to grow our partnership with Generac. In fact, we just did a video shoot for them using our RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera on a 26-foot crane!


Well, that wraps up 2006, and if you missed it, we’ve already covered 2005 and 2004. We’ll continue to look back at the history of z2 until we get to the present day, so stay tuned!

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z2 at night

2004 was great, but time marches on, and z2 marched into 2005 with a new space. Well, two actually!

The first z2 office was in a basement in Delafield, but by 2005 we moved just down the street to an office on the second floor of Milwaukee Street. The new office was 2,500 square feet, which seemed totally huge at the time, but somehow we also managed to add another 1,100 square feet across the hall for a photo studio. (We started doing a lot more photography in 2005, and really needed the dedicated space.)

If you’re keeping track at home, we went from “not many” square feet to a total of 3,600 square feet.

z2 in Delafield

We also added more people, bringing the number of full-time employees to four. (We’re counting Cory and Deb in that total, as well.) Just one year into it, z2 had a new office, more staff, and was ready for some big projects… and the big projects came, and they were good.

Since it was 2005, that also meant we were using screaming fast PowerMac G5 computers running QuarkXPress version 6. We even had a black and white laser printer. It was pretty wild!

z2 Signs

We also added our second metal sign. If you’ve been to our office, you’ve seen the sign, and (hopefully) signed the sign. The sign is our guestbook, and for each year of business we build a new sign and ask all visitors to sign it. Two signs… and more to come.

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