Snapchat has been around since 2011 and is consistently adding new features and updates to entice and engage users. However, many brands are still weary of using the platform for advertising and promotion.


Snapchat generates 10 billion+ daily video views and reaches 41% of all 18-31 year-olds in the U.S. on any given day. As the most active social network behind Facebook, Snapchat is worth a second look. Snapchat Geofilters are an excellent, cost-effective way for brands to ease into the Snapchat world.


Snapchat Geofilters are overlays for “Snaps” that can only be accessed in certain locations at specific times. Businesses and individuals are able to purchase On-Demand Geofilters (inexpensively) for an event, business or location, and incorporate brand logos and trademarks. Snapchat has a variety of pre-made graphics for purchase, or you can commission a designer or agency to create one.


Geofilters can be created for events, trade shows, product launches, weddings, fundraisers, sporting games, community events, holidays, landmarks and more. When people attend your event, snap a photo or shoot a video and swipe left or right, they will find your custom Geofilter and have the option to attach it to their Snapchat.


We’ve created Snapchat Geofilters for several of our clients, including Morris Inn and the This Time Tomorrow Foundation (TTTF). Morris Inn uses them for Notre Dame football games to increase brand awareness and add a fun element to their hotel. We recently created a specific Geofilter for the TTTF Annual Storyteller’s Gala for attendees to use while biding on auction items and enjoying live music and performances. The Geofilter views and uses are trackable and insights are simple to obtain.


009764_MI_Snap Chat Geofilter_MI_R1-1


009764_MI_Snap Chat Geofilter_ND_vs_Stanford_R1c2-1




Snapchat users look for Geofilters everywhere they go and enjoy finding new, creative overlays for their pictures and videos. An easy and inexpensive way to reach your target audience in a creative way, Geofilters are the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Snapchat.

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z2 Instagram

It’s still National Photo Month, and while we looked at Flickr last time, this time we’ll take a look at Instagram.

While Flickr is where we tend to share our “official” photos, Instagram is where you might catch a bit of the personal side of z2 thanks to a few of our staff. It may be a “behind the scenes” look at some of the photo or video shoots we do, or it might be everyday life, and yes, there will be some dog (and turtle) photos along the way!


You can follow Cory and find yourself asking “How the heck did he shoot that with his phone!?” but in the hands of an experienced photographer, and camera can produce magic. Chances are good you’ll also see coffee or his adorable puppy, Ozzie. (Here’s a turtle he named “Frank” that we encountered on a recent shoot in Nevada.)


Video Editor (and Photographer) Jason tends to get artistic with his shots, and occasionally you’ll see some beautiful nature shots, or a great scene featuring something he’s about to point a video camera at.


Our Account Executive Mario likes to unwind and have a good time, and often he does that under the guise of work. ;)


If you happen to follow me on Instagram, chances are you’re going to see some cats. I’ve also been known to connect via WiFi to a GoPro and pull shots over and then post those… like this one from our recent shoot in Los Angeles.

It’s often been said that the way to get good at shooting photos is to shoot a lot of photos. We definitely try to live by that rule here at z2.

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Cory on The Morning Blend

It seems this year’s Super Bowl TV commercials were on par with the football game itself: fairly boring. While there were a few bright spots, the majority of the ads were mediocre.

Our own Cory Zimmermann appeared on TMJ4’s The Morning Blend this morning to discuss the best and worst commercials from yesterday’s big game. Watch a clip from the show below.

Morning Blend Video

Some of the favorites from the rest of the Z2 team include the Maserati, Budweiser, Chevy, and Radio Shack spots. We also appreciated Esurance’s post-Super Bowl commercial. Not only was it perfectly on brand, but it also kicked up some serious social media buzz.

There was a lot of conversation in the office about how social media has influenced ads. Many of us were torn on the idea of releasing Super Bowl spots prior to the big game. While we understand the idea of building buzz and trying to break through the advertising clutter, the ads lose some of their appeal if they aren’t debuted during the actual game. Given social media’s rapidly evolving influence on advertising, it should be interesting to see what next year’s ads will look like.

What were your favorite/least favorite ads this year?

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Just about anyone can write a blog post. But sometimes just words and an image are not enough to get your point across. Once in awhile you need to change it up–go one step further than just writing. But what should you add? Whether it’s for your personal blog or company blog, here are 10 ideas to help make your posts shine.

10. Infographics

Sites like allow you to create and customize infographics to share. They even allow you to work with other designers on the site to create types of data visualizations you may not be able to do yourself.

9. Word clouds

Wordle is one of the most popular sites for creating word clouds. You can design it in certain shapes and emphasize words being said about a certain subject to help readers understand what’s being mentioned most often about that subject.

8. Facebook posts

Recently, Facebook added the option for users to embed their Facebook posts onto their sites or blogs. At the moment, only a few large publications are able to do so, but the option will soon roll out to all users. Once embedded, readers will be able to interact with the post as if they’re on Facebook. It may also help increase followers or Likes for your account or Page.

7. Instagram videos and photos

Shortly after Instagram introduced video to their platform, it rolled out the option to embed both photos and videos to sites or blogs. The social media world is becoming increasingly visual and adding your Instagram videos or photos to blog posts can help spice things up a bit.

6. allows you to curate and crowdsource lists. By writing a blog post and embedding an interactive list, you can have people adding topics to help build whatever list you’re trying to generate.

5. Slideshare

When giving presentations, many people put their content into a Slideshare. When people create how-to’s or tutorials, they may use Slideshare as well. If you haven’t already, you can write a blog post about such topics and embed your Slideshare presentations to give people the chance to see what you’ve made.

4. Pinterest Boards

Embedding Pinterest profiles, pins or boards is a great way to promote your own Pinterest content, in addition to helping make your blog post shine just a little more. If you’re writing about a subject you’re very passionate about, and also have a Pinterest board dedicated to that same subject, it could be a great idea to embed that board into your post.

3. Google Plus Hangouts

Whether you’re doing a Hangout On Air for a client, your own company or for personal reasons, sharing those Hangouts can prove quite valuable. Although Hangouts On Air are automatically uploaded to your YouTube page, they are not always easily found. If the Hangout has great content, writing a post about it may be worth doing. Embedding the Hangout for others to see will increase the reach that much more.

2. Vine videos

Like Instagram videos, you have the option to embed a Vine video into your blog post. The difference between the two is that Vine videos will continue to loop whereas Instagram videos need to be started with a click. Get creative and add a fun looping video that ties in perfectly with the post.

1. Storify

Storify is a great tool that allows users to curate posts from a variety of social networks to help tell a story based on a certain subject. You can pull tweets or posts revolving around a specific hashtag or news story and put it into chronological order to tell a story. It’s great for conferences, social media campaigns or major events. Embedding this into a blog post is very simple and powerful for the story you’re trying to write.

What types of things do you like to add to your blog posts that give them that extra pizzazz?

Check out all of our “Top Ten Friday” posts on our blog and stay tuned next Friday for more!

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Top Ten Friday: Social Networks Your Company Needs To Be On

Social media has become as valuable as any marketing and advertising channel, but not every social network is perfect for your company. Before you join any network, make sure you go in with a strategy and goals in place, otherwise you may lose steam shortly after starting and end up with a dead page. Sure, you could write an entire post, or even a series of posts, about each network, but we’ll just give you a couple reasons to be on each network.

1. Facebook

There are more than a billion users on Facebook. That alone should get your attention. Facebook allows you to post to a large audience with a variety of content and also gives you built-in analytics to help track your strategies. Use the Timeline to tell the storied history of your company. Post consistently with a variety of content to help you with Edgerank. Brands doing a great job on Facebook include Oreo, Frank’s Redhot, Red Bull and Skittles.

 2. Twitter

Twitter is a conversational platform and is much easier to connect with users. Brands take advantage of this by responding to questions, problems and general comments in order to build relationships and loyalty. Posting company news, coupons and deals, jobs and general conversational posts are just a few examples of what you can do. Brands like Starbucks, Oreo, Whole Foods and Chobani are doing wonderful on Twitter.

 3. Google+

Many brands are hesitant to take the leap to Google+, but I wouldn’t shy away if I were you. Utilize Google+ Hangouts in every way possible, especially because they’ll automatically upload to your YouTube account. Send products to fans to try out and invite them to a Hangout to talk about their experience, create Circles of brand advocates and participate in Communities. A few brands nailing it on Google+ include Cadbury, BMW and National Geographic.

4. Pinterest

This is the ultimate visual platform and has quickly grown into one of the most popular social platforms out there. Pin your products, stories and news about your company, industry news, your company’s work, things that represent your brand, just a few ideas. Brands that really strive on Pinterest are Chobani, Nordstrom, Lowe’s and Ben and Jerry’s.

 5. Foursquare

Foursquare is primarily for visibility and brand loyalty. When users see a place offers a deal or special for checking-in, they are more likely to stop in or become repeat customers. Brands should continue to update the page with posts about current deals or updates from your company. Some brands doing a great job include the History Channel, Bravo Channel and CNN.

 6. LinkedIn

If you’re wondering what the best social network for B2B companies is, it’s LinkedIn. It’s great for finding talent, highlighting your company’s updates and work and offering content to help give people answers to questions they’re yet to ask. Brands doing a great job on LinkedIn include Hubspot, Adobe and HireVue.

 7. Instagram

Instagram allows you to share pictures and 15-second videos. When you take pictures and share them, you can use filters to alter your shot. Short-form video is becoming powerful and with 15 seconds, you can do a lot. Like Vine, you can use it to take behind-the-scenes videos, how-tos, product demos and releases. A few brands really doing great on Instagram include Gatorade, Starbucks, Chobani and Sharpie.

8. Vine

Vine is a young, but popular platform that allows users to create six-second videos on their smart phone. Six seconds doesn’t seem like a long time, but many brands have gotten creative to cram a lot into such a short amount of time. As a brand, you can use Vine to demo a product or service, show off current environment such as your office or photo/video shoots, introduce employees or celebrate great moments. The possibilities are endless.

9. YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the Internet and videos appear high in search results. Brands like Red Bull, Oreo, Nike and Whole Foods are doing a great job creating a variety of content their users love. Some popular types of videos include product demos, how-tos, events and conferences, interviews and thank you videos. YouTube is popular for content because video is much easier to consumer than written content.

10. Yelp and TripAdvisor

These two are important, but often overlooked. Just because you’re not active on a site, doesn’t mean people still aren’t talking about you there. By having an account here, you then have the opportunity to respond to any problems customers face, that aren’t shared on Twitter or Facebook, and can also keep an eye on all conversations about your brand.

Are there any other social networks you feel are essential in 2013?

Check out our last TTF post about finding ideas for creative inspiration. Stay tuned for more upcoming TTF posts!

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