We’re back again with the z2 Photo Challenge! Our goal was to capture an image of our favorite summer drink. Which photo is your favorite? What quenches your thirst most in the summer?


April – Gimme Some Mo-jitos


Beth – For me, it is not about the drink, but how you play the game.


Carly – Drinkin’. Drankin’. Drunkin’.


Cedar – My hobby, my craft.


Cory – Summer on the deck: Blue Moon


Dawn – Depends on the time of day.


Deb – The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Heidi – When the sun goes down.


Jason – PBR tallboys at my favorite Milwaukee music venues. The Pabst, Riverside and Turner Hall.


JJ – Keeping it Cool and Fresh.


Joe L. – Orange Blush


Karyn – Smirnoff Ice


Katie – Summer drink. Winter drink. Anytime of year drink.


Mario – MamaJuana: Dominican Juice.


Pete – The original energy drink.


Tracy – Summertime ‘schamps!

Check out our last photo challenge!

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It’s time once again to share another great Z2 photo challenge! This challenge took place during our annual Z2 retreat at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, and the goal was to capture something that represented “Z2 Inspired.” Here’s what the team came up with.

Sunlight reflecting in indoor swimming pool inspires me to keep on swimming. Photo by April.

Z2 makes magic for its clients every day. Photo by Beth.

Inspired by nature. Photo by Cory.

Landscaping and gardening as a creative outlet. Photo by Dawn.

Started with two chairs. Extra one represents expanding business. Photo by Deb.

Glass half full with plenty of space to keep on filling. Photo by Heidi.

Inspired by teammates. Photo by JMac.

Each person has a skill set and expertise. Takes us all to get to the goal. Photo by Karyn.

A team who can have fun together and makes us want to come to work each day. Photo by Katie.

The foundation of Z2. Photo by KB.

Inspired by co-workers. Photo by Nicole.

Inspired to work late–and love it. Photo by Pete.

When one door closes, another one opens. Photo by Tracy.

Inspired by a great team. Photo by Mario.

And here’s the photo challenge winner! Inspired by the road ahead. Photo by JJ.


Which ones are your favorites?



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I’m a bit of a fan of creativity challenges (and yes, I’ve done a few myself) so when I heard that The Pfister Hotel’s current Artist in Residence Shelby Keefe was planning to do 30 painting in 30 days, I was excited to see the outcome. Oh, I should mention, I’m also a big fan of Shelby’s work.

The theme of her 30 paintings is “People in Urban Landscapes” and if you know her work, you should know that’s a perfect theme for her to tackle. Check out the Pfister Blog for more info about the project.

Want to see these painting and other work by Shelby? You’re in luck! Fall Gallery Night is October 21, 2011. Stop by and check it out!

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There are no photos involved like last time, but I still consider this a certain sort of a challenge.

In my years at Z2 Photo I’ve learned that being a photographer means being resourceful, and sometimes that means solving problems quickly–really quickly–like, before anyone else even realizes there is a problem.

So with that in mind, I tweeted the following question:

photographers, you're in a hotel room, you have just your camera & speedlight... quickly name 5 items you could use as a light diffuser. Go!

I had already thought of a few items I would use as a light diffuser, but was really interested to see what others might come up with.

More Tweets

I’m not convinced that every item listed would function as a “diffuser” but it was great to see the ingenuity of people. :)

Thanks to everyone who answered my question!

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Deb issued this challenge, and the theme was bakery.

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a challenge, and it was great to see that everyone completed it this time.

As always, the challenge is not about technical abilities with a camera or related equipment, but about how you look at things… how you see things.

The photos are below… Enjoy!

Photo by April.

Photo by Deb.

Photo by Cory.

Photo by Dawn.

Photo by Jess.

Photo by Joe.

Photo by Kerry.

Photo by Kevin.

Photo by Kim.

Photo by Lyra.

Photo by Mario.

Photo by Olivia.

Photo by Pete.

So what do you think? Any favorites among these? Think you could do better? Let us know!

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