Honest Slogans

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Via Graphic Designer clifwith1f comes this gallery of logos with honest slogans.

Here’s a few favorites:







Check them all out!

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You could hear the fits of giggles move from office to office this afternoon as a very special magazine traveled around Z2. Our very own Mario Lopez was featured in the June issue of Milwaukee Magazine. The article, titled “Almost Famous,” describes a number of Milwaukeeans “whose names are famous, even if they’re not.”

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FN Cookie
A Fortunate Cookie

So when I opened this cookie I looked to my right and saw a 60+ year old man wearing an auto body shirt with oil stains. Some looked fresh and others put there in his youth. He was nibbling on a chicken wing as if it was caviar. He also had some form of breathing issues or a cold because it alone was disturbing.

Well then on my left was a young woman. Maybe in her low 20′s. Not eating any food. Actually not sure why she was even there. I was there for about 20 minutes and she never put her phone down. Maybe Facebooking or Foursquaring or simply texting her friends, but she did seem very confused based on her facial expressions.

So back to my cookie. Well if one of those 2 random people are my happiness then I’m a not really sure what I’m searching for.

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Easter. A chance for families to get together, eat a whole lot of food, and in the case of my family, the chance to hear laughably odd questions about technology from my grandfather.

Unlike other old farts I know, my grandpa desperately wants to be in the know. Rather than scoffing at social networking as something the young kids do, he wants to be a part of it. Setting up a Twitter account for him and attempting to teach him how to use it may have been one of the most painful things I’ve ever done.

Easter Sunday brunch kicked off with the question, “So what is ‘The Cloud’ exactly?” and went downhill from there. At one point in the conversation, he even asked what the difference was between “regular Internet” and “Apple Internet.” And the fact that he could access his new Gmail account from any computer was a revelation. Sigh.

So when I saw this Mashable article yesterday about grandparents responding to photo emails on a fancy new Kodak digital picture frame, I’ll admit I laughed.

I got down to the third paragraph that describes how easy this digital frame is, and it started, “If those loved ones have a wireless network….” I had an instant flashback to another family gathering, during which I had attempted to describe how wireless Internet works and how it is different than data on my phone. I think I lost my grandpa at “router.” So needless to say, I think many grandparents may be a little behind on technology for this gizmo.

Overall, however, the frame looks like fun. I do wish it had a keyboard, because your commenting is limited to a handful of predetermined phrases, including “OMG!” and “LOL!” which may also require some explaining for this older crowd.

All in all, it’s a great gift for grandma and grandpa… assuming you have five hours of your life to dedicate to teaching it to them!

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A Fortunate Cookie

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FN Cookie
A Fortunate Cookie

Don’t you need to know what they are intended for though? No matter what the talent?

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