Oil Can Harry

We’ve talked before about painting with light, which is a photography technique involving multiple exposures with specific lighting per shot, and while the shooting process takes quite a bit of time (as does the editing) the results are always worth it.

Oil Can Harry

Cory’s just completed a light painting shot for Oil Can Harry, and we’ve shared a bit of the process with the video below. Enjoy!

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We’re back again with the z2 Photo Challenge! Our goal was to capture an image of our favorite summer drink. Which photo is your favorite? What quenches your thirst most in the summer?


April – Gimme Some Mo-jitos


Beth – For me, it is not about the drink, but how you play the game.


Carly – Drinkin’. Drankin’. Drunkin’.


Cedar – My hobby, my craft.


Cory – Summer on the deck: Blue Moon


Dawn – Depends on the time of day.


Deb – The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Heidi – When the sun goes down.


Jason – PBR tallboys at my favorite Milwaukee music venues. The Pabst, Riverside and Turner Hall.


JJ – Keeping it Cool and Fresh.


Joe L. – Orange Blush


Karyn – Smirnoff Ice


Katie – Summer drink. Winter drink. Anytime of year drink.


Mario – MamaJuana: Dominican Juice.


Pete – The original energy drink.


Tracy – Summertime ‘schamps!

Check out our last photo challenge!

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Photo Truck

I’ve written about portraits before, but here’s a guy who is taking his studio on the road… literally!

L.A. photographer Johnny Tergo has an elaborate mobile photo studio on his truck and inside his truck.

Photo Truck

It takes the “shooting out the window” to a new level, providing proper lighting and an impressive amount of gear.

There is one little problem…

“Some people are not so stoked to get their photo taken without consent. Tergo says there’s been a lot of yelling.”

As a photo-nerd I find the set up really interesting, and can see some interesting uses for it, but I’m not too keen on just shooting people unexpectedly in public without proper consent.

(You can check out some of the photos on his web site.)

How would you feel about someone pulling up and shooting you (with a camera) without asking permission?

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Pixel Photos

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Pixel Net

Contemplating the Vortex

One of the great things about working at Z2 is getting to play with the equipment after-hours…

Last week I stuck around one night and projected some of my Processing animations on the cyc wall in the photo studio, and did long exposure self-portraits.

I’m never sure how we may use this sort of thing in the future. Is there a client that will want something like this? Is there an internal project that could benefit by this sort of experimentation? I never know… but working in the creative arts, I believe you have to keep trying things, and hope that they can be sparks that someday start a fire.

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Just over one week ago, I decided it was time to ditch the Blackberry Curve for something a little more, well, up on the times. Sorry Blackberry, but you just haven’t been meeting my technology needs. This girl needs apps!

But I didn’t just choose a new phone on a whim. I did some serious research. Okay, I hassled my tech-savvy friends into doing research for me and took their opinions seriously.

I left Verizon feeling pretty darn happy about my little device: the HTC Thunderbolt. And then it hit me – with a 4.3-inch screen and 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, I can pretty much say “adios” to my little digital camera.

Why would I carry around an extra device when my phone can basically do the same job just as well? Oh, and my phone has built-in memory of 8MB and a microSD card with 32GB of storage. So I’ve got plenty of room. Plus, I can upload to Facebook and Twitter right from my phone, which is more than I can say about my weeny point-and-shoot.

Oh, and my phone has something else that my camera doesn’t – apps. Photo editing apps. Now, I haven’t had a ton of time to play around with these apps, but the following photos were taken using a few that I’ve discovered and liked. Oh, and since I don’t like paying for, um, anything… they’re all free apps.

Meet Todd, today’s photo model. He was a present from @MKEnerd, who you should be following on Twitter for a daily laugh or two. This photo was taken with Camera360, which offers a variety of photography modes, including color shift, effects, scenery and even funny effects. What’s nice is that you can edit pictures later, after you’ve taken them. Not nice? The constant pressure to buy the premium app for $4.

I’m a sucker for anything that looks old, so I was pretty psyched when I was able to make Todd look like he came from, well, the Jurassic Period. Yes, I know they didn’t have cameras back then. Go with it. Anyway, this was taken with Little Photo, which also gives the user a bajillion options for effects and such. Sharing the photo on FB or Twitter is also really simple with this app.

Purple Todd! This photo was taken using Vignette, one of the most talked about photo apps. Although I do like this app, you don’t get to preview what the photo will look like with a certain effect before you commit to it. I found myself going back again and again to pick different looks. Granted, there are a lot of effect options. And I bet the user experience is better with the paid versions. Darn teaser free versions!

And last but not least was a photo taken with the picplz app. This one requires you to set up an account, unlike the others, but it’s really conducive to social sharing which is nice. It has less effect options than the others, but the user experience is really nice. The photo takes up most of the screen, but on the right you can scroll through thumbnails of different effects, which I like. And it looks like I can use this in conjunction with Camera360 or Vignette, but I’ll have to do a bit more playing around to see how that works.

And yes, I’m very aware that I’m a writer, not a photographer. So please don’t judge my photo-taking skills too harshly!

Anyway, with simple (and free) apps like these and the higher quality cameras on smartphones, are you also saying “farewell” to your point-and-shoot digital cameras?

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