2014 was an outstanding year for z2. As our team grew, we captured some great memories throughout the year. Take a look at our top moments of 2014.


Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

z2 proudly sponsored the Milwaukee Oyster Roast at the Horny Goat Hideaway

z2′s Annual Retreat to Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Surprise Staff Lunch from The Fast Foodie food truck

z2 Brunch

Mario’s Farewell Party

Brewers’ Game

Team “Race for Z Cure” at Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure

Club z2 XI

Surprise Baby Shower Brunch for Jodi & April

Emmy Ceremony for our Nomination of “The Pfister: History & Story” in Chicago

z2 proudly sponsored the This Time Tomorrow Foundation’s Storytellers Gala event

z2 Holiday Party in Chicago

Secret Santa week with a Holiday Luncheon

2014 was truly a year to remember. Here’s to more great memories in 2015!

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z2 Instagram

It’s still National Photo Month, and while we looked at Flickr last time, this time we’ll take a look at Instagram.

While Flickr is where we tend to share our “official” photos, Instagram is where you might catch a bit of the personal side of z2 thanks to a few of our staff. It may be a “behind the scenes” look at some of the photo or video shoots we do, or it might be everyday life, and yes, there will be some dog (and turtle) photos along the way!


You can follow Cory and find yourself asking “How the heck did he shoot that with his phone!?” but in the hands of an experienced photographer, and camera can produce magic. Chances are good you’ll also see coffee or his adorable puppy, Ozzie. (Here’s a turtle he named “Frank” that we encountered on a recent shoot in Nevada.)


Video Editor (and Photographer) Jason tends to get artistic with his shots, and occasionally you’ll see some beautiful nature shots, or a great scene featuring something he’s about to point a video camera at.


Our Account Executive Mario likes to unwind and have a good time, and often he does that under the guise of work. ;)


If you happen to follow me on Instagram, chances are you’re going to see some cats. I’ve also been known to connect via WiFi to a GoPro and pull shots over and then post those… like this one from our recent shoot in Los Angeles.

It’s often been said that the way to get good at shooting photos is to shoot a lot of photos. We definitely try to live by that rule here at z2.

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May is National Photo Month, so what better time to share some of our own photos. If you’re not a Flickr Fan, you may not have noticed our z2 Photo account, which features a good variety of our shots from the past 10 years.

Here are a few examples showing the variety of subjects we’ve shot.

C. Thomas Howell
Food: Beer and Burger
Fitness and Exercise
Button Block Building, Milwaukee

(Not a Flickr user? Don’t worry, we’ll have a few more photo-stalking options for you this month!)

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Interesting post, suggesting that smiling isn’t conducive to creating a good portrait.

Of course, in the olden days of painting (and the early days of photography) you had to remain still for quite some time. Smiling is something best done quickly, not over long periods of time. Even trying to smile for more than a few minute isn’t enjoyable. (I don’t know how some people in the service industry do it!)

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of smiling for photos. I know that everyone wants a smile when there’s a snapshot being taken, and I have to assume it’s because people associate smiling with being happy… But I think you can make a great photo (and/or portrait) without a smile.

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As I’m sure you’ve all already seen, Facebook now allows brand tagging. This means that when your friend takes a picture of you holding that Venti hazelnut non-fat latte, you won’t be the only one tagged in that photo. Yup, good old Starbucks can get tagged, too.

That means brand pages are now filled with user photos of people actually interacting with their products. And this brand awareness comes at no cost at all to the business, thanks to all the Facebook users who feel so compelled to tag the brands in their photos.

Many of us got our undies in a bunch when Facebook started creating ads that said things like, “Olivia likes Starbucks!” so it seems kind of backwards that people would now be willingly smacking brand names all over their photos.

What are your thoughts? Will you tag brands in your photos? Does this brand awareness strategy rub you the wrong way, or do you think it’s a stoke of genius you wish you would have thought of? Let me know!

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