A Look Back: 2009

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With more and more video production under our belt, 2009 saw the addition of a new piece of equipment, a RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera. While others were just starting to experiment with using DSLR cameras for video, we jumped into the high-end and started using the same equipment Hollywood productions were using for blockbuster films.

We also started our relationship with C. Thomas Howell (“Tommy”) who worked with us on a campaign for Assurant Health in 2009. We’ve continued working with Tommy on a number of things, including a photo shoot on the set of Southland, and just this year a music video for the This Time Tomorrow Foundation.

Oh, we also grew to 10 employees, which was a milestone not just due to it being double-digits, but also because we originally envisioned Z2 as a company that wouldn’t be more than 10 employees.

Whew! We’ve gone through 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and made it all the way to 2009… That leaves just 4 more years until we’ve completed a look back at 10 years of Z2 History!

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Shooting and Shooting

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Whenever the opportunity arises to fire a rather large gun at watermelons and 2-liter bottles of soda, you do not hesitate. You take the job right away.

We recently shot a ballistics test video for our client, UPI Manufacturing, featuring a high-powered weapon and their ballistics material. To show the results if you were not using their product, we used watermelons and soda bottles. An explosive demonstration to say the least.

Of course we had to bring our RED ONE along to capture it in beautiful 120 frames per second. This gave us the chance to show these marvelous explosions in slow motion. We compiled the footage and delivered to UPI for use in a trade show environment.

From the beginning of the project we could feel that this video could be more “movie trailer”-like with suspenseful music and an aggressive color grade. It fit perfectly for the shots we captured that day and turned out great.

Enough talk, I’ll let the video speak for itself.

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Car Shoot Time Lapse

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We recently did a video shoot (with our newly upgraded RED ONE) for Rogers Corporation, which featured a beautiful BMW 5 Series. I thought it would be fun to mount a GoPro Hero3 in the studio to capture a time lapse of the shoot, so here’s a full day of shooting compressed into about one minute.

(You can also view it on YouTube.)

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Wave Intros

We’ve been working with the Milwaukee Wave since 2005, and in that time we’ve both grown quite a bit, and while this weekend will see them headed to the MISL Championship for the second year in a row (and going for their 6th championship since they started) we decided to look back and some of the video work we’ve created for them over the years…

It’s pretty crazy to think we started doing the game intros with a MiniDV camera in our old photo studio in 2005, and now we’re doing the intros with a RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera in our photo studio (which is now over 3 times larger.)

Enjoy the video, and hey, while you’re at it, let’s root for a win tonight and on Sunday, to make our Milwaukee Wave the MISL Champions once again!

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Hammer Time!

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You may have seen this tweet come through last week and wondered (as you often do) what the heck we were talking about…

The video is still in progress, but since we’ve got some of the shooting done, I thought I should share some of the stills we have so far.




Now that you’ve seen the hammer (and the arm that’s swinging it) along with a tiny piece of glass, you’ll probably assume we’re smashing tiny pieces of glass with a hammer.

Well, you’re half correct. I’d tell you more, but I really don’t want to give away the ending yet. :)

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