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Meet our Vice President of Client Services, Beth Gleesing. A true leader, Beth’s passion for z2 and its clients is evident in all her efforts. Whether she is coordinating photo shoots, leading internal brainstorms, finalizing yearly planning for clients or meeting with clients to discuss brand strategy, Beth can do it all and does so with a great attitude. The z2 team simply wouldn’t be what it is today without her leadership.


Describe a “typical” day at z2 for you.
Well if you have been following the blog and reading about my other z2 team members, you know from the rest of my account team that no day is very typical in agency life. Agency life is fun and challenging and at times can be harried because we live our lives around deadlines. But the thing that stands out to me the most is that working in an agency gives me the opportunity to work with some of the most creative people I have ever experienced. I am definitely a “left brain” person – and I marvel at the ideas that are generated and the beautiful pieces of work my co-workers create.

Most Unique Experience during a z2 Workday:
The most unique day I’ve had at z2 was also one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had. We were doing a photo shoot of breast cancer survivors for Susan G. Komen of Southeast Wisconsin. It involved 8 women, all survivors or women going through cancer treatment. These 8 women were strangers when they entered our photo studio. And yet, they banded together and looked as if they were life-long friends on camera. Seeing the connection these women had and the support they showed each other in the time they were with us was surprising and inspiring. Their status as survivors entered them into a club they did not ask to be part of and formed instant bonds among them.

Part of the z2 team at 2014's Race for the Cure

Part of the z2 team at 2014′s Race for the Cure

You’re stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?
A good book…I have too many favorites to name one, but as long as I have something to read, I’m good. Diet Coke. My husband…we’re pretty good at figuring things out together so we could get ourselves off the island. Plus I know he would bring something musical so then we could have dance parties.

Beth's husband, Joe, playing his guitar

Beth’s husband, Joe, playing his guitar

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
Probably an elephant. They are very intelligent. They live in tight-knit family groups their entire lives and protect each other. And I feel that there is something almost graceful in their slow, deliberate movement.

Beth and her family

Beth and her family

If you were a ghost, where would you haunt?
A library.

What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
It depends on my mood. It could be Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons or something like Survivor by Destiny’s Child.

Where’s Waldo?
I don’t know, but I wish he was weeding my garden.

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All About Katie

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Our office tour continues with another member of z2’s account team – Katie. Joining us last fall, Katie has taken charge as an Account Executive, always willing to go above and beyond for her clients. In fact, she once offered to go shopping for a pair of infant dress pants for a client. Regardless of the challenge, Katie always comes prepared with a smile, positive attitude and plenty of stories about her best friend Victor, should an opportunity present itself (or not).



Katie and her boyfriend, Brandon.


Describe a “Typical Day” for you at z2:

Although the days seems to run together, no day is same. I like to be here by 8 a.m. If I had a choice I would start work early and get out early, not your typical agency employee. My favorite day of the week is when I take my dog to daycare. I love having him in the car on my way in. Email is my life-line and that is always the first thing I check. I handle anything that is hot and then start the rest of my day – status updates on projects, start new projects, client calls, internal meetings, etc and a quick workout at lunchtime.


What’s your favorite Wisconsin activity, pastime or place?

Going up north to Minocqua. I’ve been going up there every year since I was five and then a few years ago my parents moved up there permanently so now we can go pretty much anytime we want. It is just so peaceful and relaxing to be on the lake.



Home away from home in Minocqua.


You’re stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

  • My dog
  • My iPad (I’m assuming this deserted island will have WIFI)
  • Diet Mountain Dew



Katie’s view if she were ever to be stranded up north on the lake.


Ninjas vs.Pirates. Discuss.

Ninjas. I’ve never been very light on my feet so I’m jealous of their skill. Plus, if I was one, my body would have to be nice and toned so I could wear one of those awesome ninja suits.

I’m also a huge Seinfeld fan and, “I don’t want to be a pirate.”


Celebrity crush.

Clay Matthews!


Where’s Waldo?

Pontooning and day drinking on a lake!



Victor living it up on the lake.


If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be my dog because he has the greatest life. He is so spoiled and loved. He doesn’t have a care in the world.



The love of Katie’s life.

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Laughs, reflection, insightful conversations, team encouragement and more filled the air last week as the z2 team headed to Grand Geneva Resort & Spa for our annual retreat. We gathered to take a look back at the past year and explore ways to grow individually, as a team, and as a company.

View of the sunrise from Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

View of the sunrise from Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

To kick things off, we reviewed our creed as a reminder of who we are and what we strive to achieve not only for our clients and ourselves, but also for z2. We then took a look at highlights from 2014 and the beginning of 2015 – all an inspiring reminder of the great work we’ve done together.

A big initiative for Deb and Cory is to pay it forward, so we were given 30 minutes to leave the space and do a random act of kindness. Some gave money toward a meal for those in the dining area; some gave Gatorade to local construction workers; some gave money for a family activity; and some paid for someone’s gas. Regardless of what it went toward, these random acts of kindness left a genuine smile on someone’s face, in turn encouraging them to pay it forward. Isn’t it great what a little random act can do?

Ashley surprised this teenager by paying for her gas.

Ashley surprised this teenager by paying for her gas

Next, we had a little recess, where we enjoyed some lounging and drinks poolside, naps or personal time, as well as a pizza lunch. Upon our return, Deb and Cory surprised all of us with painting and drawing materials. Confused at first, we were challenged to create an RFP book on what inspires us, each employee creating a chapter using paints, words, sketches, photos and more. And yes, finger painting was allowed.

z2 employees enjoying some vitamin D out by the pool

z2 employees enjoying some vitamin D out by the pool

With a deadline looming, everyone came together to create our RFP book with his or her chapter. With our teamwork, we got the book put together by the 7:30 p.m. deadline and presented it to Deb and Cory, each explaining our personal chapters.

Some employees used paint and a canvas to create what inspires them for their RFP chapter

Some employees used paint and a canvas to create what inspires them for their RFP chapter

Relieved that we met our deadline, we headed to The Links Patio and Grill for a delicious pasta dinner and then onto the bonfire. Singing Kumbaya (i.e. poking fun at each other), playing bags, indulging in delicious cocktails and roasting marshmallows, we enjoyed each other’s company outside of the work environment.

z2 team talking around the bonfire

z2 team talking around the bonfire

While it was a whirlwind, the retreat was a great way to unwind and take our minds off of work. We came back inspired and determined to exceed our goals, aim for new ways to utilize our creativity and put out even better work for our clients.

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A few of us had the exciting opportunity to get out from behind our desks for few days and venture up to the beautiful city of La Crosse, WI for the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism. It was a high-energy two days filled with inspirational speakers, keynote presentations and small breakout sessions with travel and hospitality industry professionals.

image1Stephanie Klett, Secretary of Tourism, welcomed us to WIGCOT.

Watch Governor Walker lead us in a traditional Wisconsin polka here: Video

While the mini sessions focused on how to improve Wisconsin tourism efforts, the keynote speakers addressed how we can live in the present to achieve the happiness we seek and professional life we deserve. While these points may seem miniscule, it hit home for us and aligned with many points of our z2 creed, specifically:

  • I will be inspired by people and things around me
  • I will be positive, passionate and always have fun
  • I will inspire others

The two days reinvigorated our inspiration and reminded us that it’s important to re-energize.



image2(3)Art walking tour during a mini session. Please comment if you’d like more information about the Arts in La Crosse.

One keynote speaker, bestseller author and TED speaker, Shawn Achor, emphasized that happiness starts with a smile and a positive attitude, and can change the way that we perceive things in a matter of 21 days. His approach has lead fortune 500 companies to be three times more creative, 31% more productive and raise their sales by 37%.

Shawn introduced five quick practices that, if done consistently, can help change your happiness in 21 days and extend your overall life. And to make it even easier to commit, the first three only take two minutes.

  • Three Gratitudes

o   Choose three things that have happened in the past 24 hours you are grateful for

  • The Doubler

o   Recall one positive experience from the last 24 hours and spend two minutes writing down every last detail about it

  • Conscious Act

o   Take two minutes to send a text, email, Facebook message, or what-have-you to someone who has made a difference in your life

  • Fun Fifteen

o   Take 15 minutes for fun cardio – your brain will record it as a victory and get the day headed in the right direction again

  • Meditation

o   Take some time to focus only on you, your breathing, your body

The second keynote speaker, Connie Podesta, an organizational therapist and human resource professional, had attendees in hysterics as she inspired us to reach new heights in our personal and professional development.


Connie started her talk by saying that the number one key to success is the ability to get along with other people. How we choose to communicate and resolve conflict with, relate to, and gain respect from others directly impacts our ability to be effective leaders, work as a team, be happy and much more.

She continued by categorizing us into four shapes – square, triangle, circle and squiggle – to convey that everyone is different, whether it be in regards to personality, verbal / nonverbal communication, or work style. And in order to be successful, we need to evaluate ourselves and our behaviors, as well as those of our colleagues and clients. To instill our happiness, we have to remember that we cannot change difficult people, but we can change how we respond to them.

So, we want to know – how do you choose to be happy? How do you utilize the power of positivity in your everyday life?



image4Here’s Kristina, Jess, Heidi and Beth representing z2 in style.

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2014 was an outstanding year for z2. As our team grew, we captured some great memories throughout the year. Take a look at our top moments of 2014.


Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

z2 proudly sponsored the Milwaukee Oyster Roast at the Horny Goat Hideaway

z2′s Annual Retreat to Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Surprise Staff Lunch from The Fast Foodie food truck

z2 Brunch

Mario’s Farewell Party

Brewers’ Game

Team “Race for Z Cure” at Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure

Club z2 XI

Surprise Baby Shower Brunch for Jodi & April

Emmy Ceremony for our Nomination of “The Pfister: History & Story” in Chicago

z2 proudly sponsored the This Time Tomorrow Foundation’s Storytellers Gala event

z2 Holiday Party in Chicago

Secret Santa week with a Holiday Luncheon

2014 was truly a year to remember. Here’s to more great memories in 2015!

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